Scissors vs Clippers, The Great Debate


The  Libertine use a Variety of specialist equipment to give you the very best cut to meet your high expectations. We get asked a lot about the differences when cutting with clippers or scissors.

Any barber worth their salt will be able to cut your hair just using scissors or clippers, there is no wrong or right way as both will give a certain look or finish depending on hair type, texture and what will ultimately suit the client.

Clippers will give you a more precise finish, if your fading you will only ever use clippers as they give the sharpness that suits the haircut. At The Libertine we can cut a grade 2 for example using clippers or using scissor over comb, both will give a similar result. Scissors will give a softer more natural look. We always find that if you have anything over a grade 3-4 we will naturally use scissors as it gives a more softer finish and the haircut will grow out better, it allows us to create more texture in the hair and allows us to tailor the cut to fit the client. Even if you had a grade 2 on the sides we would still blend the rest of the hair using scissors, this way we can control the weight on the corners aka the mushroom!!

Using scissors when tapering the hairline will leave a more natural soft finish as some people do not like a overly square neck line. To complete the haircut we use our best friend the Wahl foilers. These are great at getting rid of the last unwanted neck beard!! Hypo-allergenic so even on the most sensitive of skin types you wont develop a rash.

Blending shears or thinning scissors as they are most known as can get a bad press if they aren’t used right. Used in the right way and on the correct hair they can be an invaluable tool to help control your hair. Used incorrectly they can make your hair look and feel like candy floss!!

Our view is that there is not a right or wrong way when using these tools, it all comes down to you, the client. If the consultation is done correctly then the outcome will meet your expectation( and beyond).


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