Who we are

A Cheltenham Men’s Barber Shop founded on the belief that men deserve better and that every man has their own story, soul and style. We don’t generalise or assume, it’s your rules, your way, with haircuts and services styled to your needs.
Gone is the stereotypical trip to the barbers. Welcome to the new standard – The Libertine.
Reinventing the refinement of eras past whilst fulfilling the expectations of the modern man. We provide an environment where the services you receive will be matched by relationships you build.
More than a barber – The Libertine is your community.








The New Standard

Now set up in No.8 Bennington Street, just off the high street, it’s an environment as masculine as the tobacco and bourbon scent of our products. If The Libertine Barbershop wasn’t somewhere to go to get your hair cut, it’s somewhere for a modern gentleman to take the time to relax, have a beer or bourbon and build a relationship with his barber.

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